Shamsi Educational Foundation

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Computer Laboratory

An upgraded computer laboratory with the internet facility is playing a vital role for students in Shamsi Schools. Under the guidance of trained teachers, children develop their hand-eye coordination by visually following an object on the screen and actively participating in the activity, the application presents


The library at Shamsi Schools stands out as one of the best resource with the collection of more than 6000 books on various subjects, providing references on wide ranging topics. It provides information and ideas that are fundamental to functioning successfully in today’s informative and knowledge-based society. It is stocked with encyclopedia that encapsulates the learning skills to be instilled in our students.

Science laboratory

Five spacious airy and brightly lit laboratories that are equipped with advance instruments, gadgets and apparatus. Science laboratories in Shamsi School ensure that learning science is informative and fun at the same time. These labs are made to complement science textbooks and are used along with classroom teaching and encourage experiential learning by providing the hands- on learning of science to students


A huge auditorium catering to the needs of our talented students are present in both campuses which can accommodate about 400 to 500 students at one time. The auditoriums serve as the venue for several functions, seminars, activities, workshops and presentations.

Audio Visual

Shamsi School provides audio visual facilities in each class room which is helpful for the students in developing an understanding of complex concepts. Latest technological advancements present many options before the teachers to make their jobs easier. It is for this reason that Shamsi School has started incorporating the use of audio-visual aids in their lesson plans.

Learning Sources