Shamsi Educational Foundation

Secondary Section

The Shamsi School recognizes that the needs of children between the ages of 10-14 are unique and specific. To better cater to these students, the school has introduced activity based, student-centered teaching learning environment. We strive to create an environment that prioritizes a student-centered approach to learning, designed to stimulate the joy of inquiry. Interactive education models encourage students to ask questions, pursue independent lines of inquiry and develop interest and expertise in a broad range of subjects.

Extra-curricular activities like after-school sports, student clubs/societies houses based programs, play an important part in extending learning beyond the classroom. These programs equip students with essential skills that complement their academic learning. Self-esteem, self-confidence, the importance of teamwork and cooperation as well as sociability – these are all qualities that Shamsi School believes play an important part in the development of the students’ ethical frameworks and dispositions to service.

Our Secondary School is affiliated with Board of Secondary Education and is a blend of practical experience and experimentation, books, discussions, lectures and technology, allowing students to learn at a rapid pace. Our curriculum offers a thematic approach to education, within curriculum areas, which brings learning to life for our students. We can proudly state the fact that our students have maintained a record of being among the top 10 in the board examination for past many years.

Secondary Section Activities