Shamsi Educational Foundation

IT Program

Professional Education Programs (PEP)

SEF, being a Non-Profit Organization, holds a reputable name in the field of education due to its commitment to work for the cause of education. Since 1992, it has become a trusted home for the students who are least likely to afford, providing the best education with smart devises to the best of its capabilities. It has made itself accessible to most of the students by charging minimal fee structure keeping up with the motto of “Education for everyone.” SEF has also been honored with British Council Award 2019 in academic excellence. Keeping up with 21st century development skills SEF has started working on the Following Programs.

It Program

Our goal is to enable and empower youth including women in acquiring 21st century developmental skills; enabling them through startups, projects and business to support themselves and the communities around them. This will also open ways for the opportunities of employment to youth, enable to support themselves finanically. Moreover, this program is going to make a contribution in the betterment and advancement of education and skill development.

It Program